CCM–Stabilizer is a biological additive for improving the aerobic stability of Corn Cob Mix (CCM) after removal from the silo. The lactic acetic acid bacteria used in the CCM-Stabilizer were especially selected for the CCM field of application. They support the lactic acetic acid fermentation and enhance the stability of the CCM silage during air admission through their purposeful transformation into acetic acid. Losses caused by yeasts and moulds and the related heating up can be avoided.

CCM-Stabilizer has been tested in practice (table). It has been proved that the silage durability improves when exposed to the air.


CCM-Stabilizer is DLG-tested in group 2. The improvement of aerobic stability has been proven. It has been proved that the silage durability improves when exposed to the air.


CCM Stabilizer
CCM Stabilizer Gebinde


  • Improved aerobic stability
  • No secondary fermentation due to yeasts and moulds
  • Reduced contamination with undesired microorganisms and better hygienic value
  • Support of natural lactic acid fermentation
  • Improved palatability and better feed intake


Field of Application

The use of CCM-Stabilizer is especially recommended for CCM.

Dissolve one packet of CCM stabilizer into 100 litres of water stirring continuously and spray on 5 litres/ tonne fodder. Depending on dispensing possibilities, the concentration of the solution can vary. However, the amount must not fall below the recommended quantity of 5 litres per tonne CCM.



  • 12 g CCM-Stabilizer per t CCM
  • 240 g per bag, enough for the treatment of 20 tonne CCM


Important information

Careful examination has shown that our product, when used according to the directions for use, is suited for the recommended purposes. The optimal storage duration of the treated silage is 4 - 6 weeks before opening. If biological silage additives are used, then the ensilage and removal technique has to be very good. Plant cultivation errors and ensilage technique errors (e.g. compression and covering) cannot be compensated. We are liable for the consistent quality of the product, not for the risks of storage and use.

Trivial results

Investigation of the storage stability of CCM treated with CCM-Stabilizer
Probename8. März 20018. Juni 200110. Juli 2001
Probenamedry matter (%)8. März 200161,48. Juni 200161,010. Juli 200160,1
ProbenamepH value8. März 20014,38. Juni 20014,210. Juli 20014,3
Probenameyeats (CFU/g)8. März 2001< 5008. Juni 2001< 10010. Juli 2001< 100
Probenamemoulds (CFU/g)8. März 2001< 208. Juni 2001< 6010. Juli 200120
Probenamelactic acid bacteria (CFU/g)8. März 20014,4 x 1088. Juni 20012,7 x 10710. Juli 20011,2 x 108
Probenameother bacteria (CFU/g)8. März 2001< 4008. Juni 2001< 80010. Juli 2001< 400
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