Hay from classic soil drying is rarely sufficiently dry when harvested. In particular, high mass coverage and unstable weather make it almost impossible to evenly dry the hay to over 85% dry matter. The stalk nodes in particular are often not dry enough. After the harvest, any residual moisture that is still present migrates back into the stalks and leaves. Certain molds benefit from this. Their growth impairs quality and feed hygiene. In order to be able to reliably avoid such spoilage processes in the stored hay, the use of preservatives in a targeted manner is becoming increasingly important. In addition to the buffered acid mixture Grain Save NC 90, a neutral salt mixture is available with RaicoSil Hay. These products prevent microbial spoilage and stabilize the hay. In addition, they enable the hay to be harvested from 75 or 80% dry matter. This also reduces harvest losses and makes a significant contribution to quality assurance.

  • RaicoSil Hay

    RaicoSil Hay

    RaicoSil Hay is the first preservative for hay that contains a unique combination of salts of selected preservatives. Due to its special product formulation RaicoSil Hay is neither corrosive nor aggressive and is classified as a neutral salt. The use of acid-proof application systems is therefore not necessary. The dosage itself takes place during the pressing process, in the pickup of the press.



    • significantly shorter harvest timeslot (minus two days)
    • better quality
    • better hygiene status
    • lower losses (mechanical and non-mechanical)
    • Avoidance of the Maillard reaction (sugar and protein) (ADL)


    Direction of use

    RaicoSil Hay is a preservative for hay from dry matter contents of 80 % dry matter (or 20 % moisture) and more. RaicoSil Hay is sprayed on the pick-up of the baler during the pressing process. It must be ensured that the whole swath width is evenly treated. The concentration of the solution shall be not changed. The use of two spraying nozzles is recommended.



    250 g / t hay diluted in water, 10 kg enough for the treatment of 40 t hay

    Dissolve 1 bag of 10 kg in 30 litre water. Top the volume up to 40 litres.

    Do not dilute further.

    RaicoSil Hay is ready to use immediately on hydration and is stable for 4 weeks.


    Trial results

    Square bales, more than three months storage

    The microbial contamination of undesirable bacteria and moulds was significantly reduced in both wet hay and dry hay after addition of RaicoSil Hay.

     ControlRaicoSil Hay < 85 % DMRaicoSil Hay > 85 % DM
    Bacteria (CFU / g)640.00021.3307330
    Moulds (CFU / g)82.00018.80026.000



  • Grain Save NC

    Grain Save NC 90

    Grain Save NC 90 is a buffered mixture of Propionic acid, Ammonium propionate and Propylene glycol. It contains a minimum of 92 % Propionic acid. The special composition of active substances protects silage against heating up and moulding. The growth of undesirable yeasts, moulds and bacteria and the spoilage are inhibited.


    Field of application

    For all silages with heating up problems



    The dosage is dependent on the field of application

    Following application levels are recommended:


    Complete treatment

    4 – 6 l / to

    Surface and layer treatment

    Per square metre 0,5 l Grain save NC 90 (mixed with 2 l water)

    layer thickness ca. 20 - 25 cm, treatment of 2 – 3 layers


    Alternatively the complete treatment of last loads is possible.


    Stabilization of TMR

    3,5 l / to TMR


    Please note

    The usage of acids and their mixtures for conservation properties demands the HACCP – protocol.

    There you can find the safety data sheet of Grain Save NC 90

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