• Auffangwanne IBC – 1.000 l Container


    When using substances hazardous to water, one must ensure that no leaking product harms the environment. The use of suitable catch basins is an essential safety measure in this regard. Its use is aimed at catching leaking product from the storage container (e.g. 1,000x IBC), thereby preventing a release into the ground or water. The catch basin IBC - 1,000 enables a safe and legal IBC storage. A catch basin must be able to absorb the content of the largest container (but at least 10% of the total stored amount). As far as storage is permitted in water protection areas, the total storage amount (100%) must be retained. With the catch basin for IBC you can safely and easily meet these requirements.



    • use as catch basin for, amongst others, propionic acid, Grain Save NC, Lupro-Mix NC, sulphuric acid, iron chloride and MethaTec Pro / Basic
    • ideal as a catch basin for 1,000x IBC
    • easy to handle as it is made of plastic Pe Ld
    • integrated fork straps for safe transport


    Technical Data

    • volume: 1050 l
    • length: 1.89 m
    • width: 1.33 m
    • height: 0.67 m
    • load capacity: 2 t
  • Temperaturmessstab GT 1

    The temperature measuring rod GT 1 is used for the temperature control of loose agricultural bulk material such as cereal, legumes, oil seeds as well as of hay and straw. It allows stack measurement at a depth of 1.5 m and at the surface.


    Temperaturmessstab GT 1
  • Silosackträger – Innovative Lösung für die Siloabdeckung

    If silage is ensilaged in a silo without firm side walls, it is difficult to use silo bags for covering the edge area. They slide easily and can only be fixed with great effort. The new fabric tape ''Silopack'' solves this problem. It consists of a hose with individual pockets for silo bags. The silo bags are placed into the pockets in a way that allows creating a continuous tape for fixing the covering material onto the silo. Elaborate attachments for the silo bags are not required. With a length of 50 pockets including bags, several cross barriers can be placed over the silo.

    Silosackträger – Innovative Lösung für die Siloabdeckung
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