ProFerm / ProFerm HC is a biological additive, which contains specially selected homofermentative lactic acid bacteria. The special combination of different lactic acid bacteria effectively controls the run of fermentation and accelerates it. This results in a higher quality of treated silage and a minimization of the fermentation losses.


Field of application

  • moderate to ferment to easy to ferment silage
  • especially: wilted grass with 25 - 35 % DM




0,5 g ProFerm pro t silage

250 g per sachet, enough to treat 50 to or 70-85 m³ silage

Standard application (0,5– 2 l/t)

ProFerm HC

0,8 g ProFerm HC/ t silage

200 g per sachet, enough to treat 250 to or 350 - 425 m³ silage

Micro application (20 – 150 ml/t)

Dissolve a bag of ProFerm HC in 5 l of water whilst stirring constantly and pour it into the special tank.

20 ml of high concentrate per tonne forage are evenly sprayed on with a suitable dispensing technology (BioDos LD, BioDos ProfiLine).

Unused, dissolved product can be stored temporarily for up to 4 days in the refrigerator.


Important information

Careful examination has shown that our product, when used according to the directions for use, is suited for the recommended purposes. If biological silage additives are used, then the ensilage and removal technique has to be very good. Plant cultivation errors (e.g. cutting too late) and ensilage technique errors (e.g. compression and covering) cannot be compensated. We are liable for the consistent quality of the product, not for the risks of storage and use.

ProFerm is mixed with water and can be used immediately. The application amount depends on the type of applicator.


ProFerm / Proferm HC – Gras
PROFUMA Spezialfutterwerke GmbH & Co. KG