Maize silage - in summary:

1. silo maturity

    • dry matter - content in the whole plant 30 - 35
    • TS - content in the cob 50 - 60 % (start of dough ripening)

2. silage technique

    • chop length 3 - 5 mm, the drier the plant, the shorter must be chopped, in case of Shredlage special attention to the compaction

    • Arrange the clamp according to the requirements for minimum feed out per week (winter > 1.5m, summer > 2.5m)

    • store evenly thin layers, maximum layer thickness 20 - 30 cm, adjust rolling performance to the harvesting capacity (harvesting capacity : 4 = rolling weight), if necessary create 2 silos, tyre pressure > 2 bar

    • Cover the silo airtight with suitable materials (sub foil, edge foil, silo foil, silo protection grid, silo bags) immediately after completion of storage

3. risk

    • Heating up and moulding at the time of feeding out from storage

      If you have found problems with reheating/moulding, our chart will help you to find the cause

4. use of silage additives

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