Propionic acid

Propionic acid is a clear slightly yellow, strong smelling fluid. Its concentration is 99,5 % Propionic acid. This acid is able to inhibit moulds and yeasts, therefore improving the aerobic stability of treated silage.

Propionic acid is DLG – proven in group 2.

Field of application

For all silages with heating up problems



The dosage is dependent on the field of application.

The following application levels are recommended:


DM- content (%)l/to
< 25 %4
25 - 35 %5
> 35 %6


For total treatment of CCM and wet maize the dosage depends on storage time:

  • storage period of 1 to 6 month: 5 liters per ton
  • storage period of 6 to 12 month: 7 liters per ton


Surface and layer treatment

Per square metre 0,5 l Propionic acid (mixed with 2 l water)

layer thickness ca. 20 - 25 cm, treatment of 2 – 3 layers


Alternatively the complete treatment of last loads is possible.


Stabilization of TMR

3 l / to TMR


Stabilization of liquid feed

0,15 - 0,25 %


Additional information about the treatment of by products are here.


Please note

Propionic acid is corrosive. During application use protective gloves and safety glasses.

The usage of acids and their mixtures for conservation properties demands the HACCP – protocol.

There you can find the safety data sheet of Propionic acid.


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