Steuerung der aeroben Haltbarkeit

If it is not possible to guarantee the necessary weekly feed out, the silage must be treated with silage additives to prevent any heating up problems. Suitable products are able to avoid such problems. Depending on the risk the whole silage or endangered parts should be treated. Heating up problems increase with ambient temperature rise. If possible it is enough to treat the part of the silage, which will be fed out during summer. Preferred products are biological silage additives. Chemical additives are often too expensive and will be traditionally used for a treatment of the upper layer.

Field of application: Improvement of aerobic stability

The silage additives BioCoolPlantaSil and CCM – Stabilizer are able to improve the aerobic stability. The combination of support of lactic acid fermentation with the prevention of any heating up problems avoids unnecessary losses and improves the feed value and the gas yield of treated silages respectively.

The contain heterofermentic lactic acid bacteria also produces lactic acid and as well as yeast inhibiting acetic acid and propylene glycole. Additionally BioCool contains enzymes, which also support the fermentation run.

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