BioCool is a biological additive, which contains the specially selected, extra efficient working heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus buchneri and enzymes Lactobacillus bucheri supports the natural lactic acid fermentation and simultaneously improves the aerobic stability of silages during feeding out of the clamp. Additional to lactic acid is Lactobacillus buchneri able to produce a few mould inhibitory substances. Well know are acetic acid and propylene glycole. Spoilage of silage, caused by yeasts and moulds are effectively inhibited.


BioCool is DLG-tested in group 2. The improvement of aerobic stability has been proven. It has been proved that the silage durability improves when exposed to the air.


Mais – BioCool

Your advantage

  • Inhibitiion of heating up
  • Improvement of aerobic stability
  • Inhibition of moulding
  • Inhibition of removal losses


Field of Application

The use of BioCool is recommended with the following forage (amongst others):

  • Silages with heating up problems
  • Especially: Maize
  • Grass silage > 35 % DM
  • CCM and high moisture corn silage
  • Whole crop grain




  • 6 g BioCool per tonne forage
  • 150 g per sachet, enough for 25 tonne ensilage goods or 35 - 40 m3 silo space.
  • Dissolve one sachetof BioCool into 50 litres of water stirring continuously and apply 2 litres / tonne silage

BioCool HC

  • 2,4 g BioCool HC per tonne forage
  • 300 g per sachet, enough for 125 tonne ensilage goods or 195 m3 silo space.
  • Dissolve one sachet of BioCool HC into 2,5 litres of water stirring continuously and apply 20 ml / tonne silage.

Depending on dispensing possibilities, the concentration of the solution can vary.



Experiments have shown that the addition of BioCool improves aerobic durability. The treated silages were strained significantly less by yeasts. A heating up could not be observed.


Important information

Careful examination has shown that our product, when used according to the directions for use, is suited for the recommended purposes. If biological silage additives are used, then the ensilage and removal technique has to be very good. Plant cultivation errors (e.g. cutting too late) and ensilage technique errors (e.g. compression and covering) cannot be compensated. We are liable for the consistent quality of the product, not for the risks of storage and use.

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