Siloferm is a biological additive, which contains specially selected, extra efficient working homofermantative lactic acid bacteria. It can be applied to the silage in liquid or granulated form. The special combination of different lactic acid bacteria controls the run of fermentation effectively and accelerates it. This results in a higher quality of treated silage and a minimization of the fermentation losses. Silages are more palatable, which results in a better feed intake.


Siloferm is DLG-tested group 1b, 4a, 4b, 4c (milk). The improvement of silage quality and animal performance (more milk) has been proven.


SiloFerm / SiloFerm HC – Gras

Your advantage

  • Faster lactic acid fermentation
  • Inhibition of mal-fermentation/ butyric acid fermentation
  • Reduction of fermentation losses
  • Improvement of silage quality and palatability


Field of Application

The use of Siloferm is recommended with the following forage:

  • grass silage (25 -40 % dry matter)
  • bale silage
  • silo maize




10 g Siloferm per tonne forage

100 g per sachet, enough for 10 tonne ensilage goods or 14 - 17 m³ silo space.

Dissolve one sachet of Siloferm into 20 litres of water stirring continuously and spray on 2 litres/ tonne forage.

Siloferm HC

2,24 g pellets per tonne forage

280 g per bag, enough for 125 tonne ensilage goods or 75 - 80 m³ silo space

Dissolve one sachet in 2,5 litre water and apply 20 ml / ton silage.



Tests have shown that the process of lactic acid fermentation can be influenced positively through the correct use of Siloferm.

Treated silages also demonstrate better digestibility and a higher energy concentration, which, in turn, results in improved animal performance.

Digestibility of the organic substance (%)



33% dry matter

pH value4,384,22
lactic acid (% dry matter)8,949,95
acetic acid (% dry matter)2,142,16


43% dry matter

pH value4,514,29
lactic acid (% dry matter)7,448,37
acetic acid (% dry matter)1,630,99


54% dry matter

pH value4,774,38
lactic acid (% dry matter)4,766,91
acetic acid (% dry matter)0,980,59


Important information

Careful examination has shown that our product, when used according to the directions for use, is suited for the recommended purposes. If biological silage additives are used, then the ensilage and removal technique has to be very good. Plant cultivation errors (e.g. cutting too late) and ensilage technique errors (e.g. compression and covering) cannot be compensated. We are liable for the consistent quality of the product, not for the risks of storage and use.

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