Proferm HC-FL

Proferm Hc-FL is a inoculant for a controlled fermentation of liquid feed based on homofermentic Lactic acid bacteria. With the help of such a fermentation, various feed components can be broken down microbially in a controlled manner.

As a result of the desired lactic acid fermentation, the pH value is reduced and undesirable bacteria are eliminated. In addition, the availability of nutrients is improved, which in turn reduces feed costs. With fermented feed, the liquid feed is simultaneously hygienised and has a longer storage life.


Your advantage

  • fast reduction of the pH-value (< 4) due to targeted lactic acid fermentation
  • improved feed hygiene through inhibition of undesirable bacteria
  • improved palatability, nutrient availability and feed intake due to natural acidification
  • assured homogeneity and reduced feed costs


Field of Application

The use of Proferm HC-FL is recommended with the following forages:

  • Starter culture for the fermentation of unfermented hygienically safe feeds
  • especially recommended for the fermentation of substrates rich in starch and carbohydrates



2 g Proferm HC – FL per 1.000 litre liquid feed

200 g / sachet, enough for the treatment of 100 m3 liquid feed

Disolve one sachet Proferm HC-FL in 200 litre water, mixing continuously and apply 2 litre / qm liquid feed (23 – 25 % DM)


General instructions:

  • Process temperature: 30-35 °C (the higher the temperature, the shorter the process)
  • Fermentation time: 10-24 h
  • controlled mixing technology with reduced oxygen input


Important information

Careful examination has shown that our product, when used according to the directions for use, is suited for the recommended purposes. Proferm HC - FL cannot eliminate errors in feed hygiene & feed management.

Wichtiger Hinweis

Wichtiger Hinweis

Durch sorgfältige Prüfung ist erwiesen, dass unser Produkt bei Einhaltung der Gebrauchsanleitung für die empfohlenen Zwecke geeignet ist. Werden biologische Siliermittel eingesetzt, müssen Silier- und Entnahmetechnik besonders gut sein. Fehler pflanzenbaulicher Art (z.B. zu später Schnitt) und siliertechnischer Art (z.B. Verdichtung, Abdeckung) können nicht ausgeglichen werden. Wir haften für gleichbeibende Qualität des Produktes, das Lagerungs- und Anwendungsrisiko tragen wir nicht.

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