Kofasil is a highly efficient, chemical ensilage agent (neutral salt), which should be used specifically for the ensilage of silages in the lower dry matter range (< 30 % dry matter). Depending on requirements, it can be introduced into the silage in the form of liquid or pellets. The active agents contained in Kofasil were chosen specifically to be used for fodder that is difficult to ensilage. They actively suppress the damaging clostridium and thereby encourage the desired lactic acid fermentation.

Kofasil Plus / Kofasil Liquid


  • avoids misfermentation, especially butyric acid formation
  • encourages the natural lactic acid fermentatio
  • ensures conservation success and silage quality
  • guarantees a high level of savouriness
  • actively reduces the clostridium spores content
  • improves milk quality


Field of Application

The use of Kofasil is especially recommended for the following forage:

  • grass with < 30 % dry matter
  • rain-swept withered goods
  • lucerne silage with < 35 % dry matter



Kofasil Plus

  • 2 to 3 kg / tonne ensilage goods
  • DLG certification mark 1a, 4a, 5a


Kofasil liquid

  • 2 to 3 l / tonne ensilage goods
  • DLG certification mark 1a, 1b, 4a, 5a


Important information

Careful examination has shown that our product, when used according to the directions for use, is suited for the recommended purposes. Plant cultivation errors (e.g. cutting too late) and ensilage technique errors (e.g. compression and covering) cannot be compensated. We are liable for the consistent quality of the product, not for the risks of storage and use.

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