silage additives

Overview silage additives

Here you can see our silage additives assigned to the animal species dairy cows, fattening bulls, pigs and poultry.

Feed conservation with concept

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG has continued to grow conceptually in the area of feed conservation. New topics have been introduced, processed and solutions and products for the farmer have been developed. Whereas in the past the focus was more on ensiling and grain preservation, today hay or straw preservation and the targeted fermentation of by-products are also integrated.

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More effects of lactic acid bacteria

In the case of biological silage additives, their primary effect in silage is usually the main focus. Today, additional effects beyond the primary effect contribute significantly to the efficiency of the products. This also applies to Siloferm and BioCool. It is well known that Siloferm supports the desired lactic acid fermentation and significantly reduces silage losses. This not only results in a higher volume but also in more nutrient-rich feed, which ensures a higher feed performance.

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Heating up costs a pretty penny

The losses caused by heating Up are not an abstract problem, but can be detected on the basis of concrete sample calculations, as well as the advantages of the use of silage additives.

Domino effect

Depending on the worst aerobic stability of maize silages, a domino effect during heating up problems is possible. Read more about the background and inhibition of heating up problems.

Heating up of TMR

What actions should be taken to avoid heating up problems of TMR

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