Lupro-Mix NA

Lupro-Mix NA is a buffered and highly effective mixture of propionic acid and formic acid. The natural lactic acid fermentation will be supported and active substances protect the ensilages safely from heating up and molding. The growth of yeast, molds and bacteria will be avoided and the hygiene of feed will be saved.


Lupro-Mix NA is DLG-proven. In group 1a,b, 2

Lupro-Mix NA

Field of Application

  • For all silages with heating up problems
  • Especially recommended for Corn Cob Mix, ground ear maize and ensilaged wet maize.
  • For different to ferment silages depending on DM - content



The dosage is dependent of the field of application

Following application levels are recommended:


DM-contentl / t
< 25 %4
25 – 35 %3
> 35 %4


For total treatment of CCM and wet maize the dosage depends on storation time:

  • storage period of 1 to 6 month: 5 liters per ton
  • storage period of 6 to 12 month: 7 liters per ton


Surface and layer treatment

Per square metre 0,5 l Lupro- Mix NA (mixed with 2 l water)

layer thickness ca. 20 - 25 cm, treatment of 2 – 3 layers


Alternatively the total treatment of last loadings is possible.


Stabilization of TMR

3 l / to mixed ration

Stabilization on liquid feed

0,15 - 0,25 %


Please note

The usage of acids and their mixtures for conservation properties demands the HACCP – protocol.

There you can find the safety data sheet of Lupro-MIX NA

Additional information about the treatment of by products are here.


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