Some farmers use ground ear maize silage to improve the ration. The DM – content of such silage is higher as in normal maize silage. Therefore requirements on silage management is also increasing. The energy value of such silage is ca. 7,4 MJ NEL / kg DM.


Yield (to / ha)

15 – 20 to / ha


45 – 55 % DM


  • Easy to ferment
  • Heating up and molding
  • Due to the DM and the bulky nature of particles problems with compaction are possible

Silage additive


For better dispersion, dissolve one sachet in 2 – 3 times more volume of water than normal.

  • < 50 % DM normal dosage
  • > 50 % DM 1,5 time of dosage

Please note:

Ensiling of thin layers (≤ 20 cm)

Make sure, there are no air gaps between the particles

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